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Design at its best means fortifying every project, no matter the scope or budget, with smart thinking. In nearly six decades, we’ve seen a lot, changed a lot, grown up a lot, and put a few stakes in the ground. These are the principles that have stood the test of time – and they offer a little taste of what you can expect when we work together.

The Best Ideas Win

We don’t sell logos or brochures or websites. We’re in the business of ideas. So everything we do is designed to give our clients the best ideas – and the right strategic ideas. So rather than sending a few people off to their desks, only to return with three or four things, we put everybody in a room to solve the problem. We come up with as many ideas as we can – good or bad. And then we quickly, ruthlessly curate them against the business strategy. It’s how we capture more ideas faster, weed out the familiar or expected, and make the good ideas great.

A Logo Is Not a Brand

It’s not a package or a brochure or an app or a website, either. A brand is not about the quantity or even the quality of those things. A brand is a promise. And brand design is a plan to achieve that promise – it’s a strategic road map that helps you define how you want the world to see you. It involves clever thinking combined with smart design. It includes everything from the big picture (how to position yourself against your competition) to the in-between (how easy it is for customers to find and engage with you) to the really small (how you answer the phone). Great brands don’t just attract customers – they create loyal followers that sell you to their friends and coworkers. That’s a lot to expect of a “brand.” The good news is that a strong brand can handle it.

Don't Compete. Create.

We’re not here to help brands stand out in their categories. We’re here to help your brand own its category. Better yet, let’s ignore the word “category” altogether – and create something so unique that it commands attention by defying classification. Let’s make something that wins not because it shouts “Me, too!” louder than anybody else, but because it’s so clearly different that it doesn’t have to say a word to be understood.

Lightning Never Strikes Twice

No two projects are alike, because no two businesses are alike. And because success means something different to every business, we don’t have a stock formula for success. Simply put, our structure is unstructured. We stay flexible. We let the problem inform the solution. We have the means to take on any business challenge, and we achieve results by any means necessary. On any given day, we might perform a competitive analysis, conduct stakeholder interviews, or lead a brand-building workshop. Whatever it takes, really. Granted, we use familiar tools that have proven effective over time. But it’s less of a process and more of a methodology. It’s about letting experience guide us, and leaving the door open for intuition. It means never doing things by rote. And it means knowing which strategies and tactics will create value for our clients and their businesses.

The Best Ideas You’ve Never Seen

Attention and memory are the name of the game. That’s why we put so much emphasis on creating original work. Anyone can go online and buy an illustration or a stock photo. And because they’re accessible to everyone, they’re special to no one. Our clients deserve better. So we think about your communication objectives and then come up with ideas that compel, connect, and convey the right message. We survey the visual landscape to see what’s new and interesting. At the same time, we draw from the best traditions of our craft. That way, you get ideas that are fresh yet timeless – and always perfectly appropriate.