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Brian Boyd

Brian’s favorite thing about working at RBMM is being surrounded by talented individuals. Though he is an elite designer in his own right (a recipient of The Golden Egg Award, the highest honor bestowed by his peers), Brian is quick to credit his colleagues for challenging and inspiring him. “I’m a perfect example of someone who got into a great place and got much better because of it”, he says.

He arrived as a wide-eyed intern and six months later became the most junior founder with his primary responsibility being to answer the phone and yell down the hall at the recipient to pick up the call. In his current role as principal, he guides and leads some of the brightest young designers out there, and feels that the work being done at RBMM is as good as it’s every been.

“But Stan Richards doesn’t expect us to settle for being great designers”, Brian states. “Everyone here is pushed to manage and lead.” So today, when he’s not answering the phone, Brian is “an advocate for our clients and for their businesses”. He’s also teaching a new wave of creative problem-solvers to think about their clients’ communication challenges. Brian obsesses over type and copy as much as he does with layouts and imagery.

After all, “you never send a blank page; it has to communicate”.

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