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Geoff German

Geoff German walks the beautiful, complex line between form and functionality. “Very early in my career,” Geoff says, “I became interested in the intersection of technology and design. I was fascinated to learn how websites are put together – not only from a design perspective, but also from the technology side.”

Geoff is one of those rare, multifaceted creatives who have turned a jack-of-all-trades approach into a strategic advantage. “I’ve always had one foot in design and the other in technology, and I’ve always been able to find common ground. I’m seen as someone who can speak both languages – understanding the strategy and business objectives, thinking creatively to find solutions, and then overseeing the tactical execution and delivery.”

On every project, Geoff seeks the balance between “something that not only looks beautiful, but also acts beautifully.”

While technical knowledge is important, Geoff is quick to point out that RBMM is all about ideas. He has as much experience crafting print and conceptual work as he does producing digital projects. And either way, the tools are merely the means to an end. Concept is king. And quite simply, the best ideas win.

“At RBMM, designers have free reign to explore, take chances, and come back with challenging ideas. And if we believe in an idea, we’ll lead our clients in that direction. It’s how we build strong partnerships – by pushing ourselves and our clients to think differently.”

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