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Lindsey Phaup

Lindsey’s résumé has more titles than a library. Before coming to RBMM, she did “a little bit of everything” in the business, including event strategy, user experience design, account management, and even technical support. “Seriously,” she says, “everything.”

And as it turns out, someone who knows a little bit of everything, who knows how to adapt quickly to new roles and processes, is exactly what RBMM needed in a strategist. “I’m the one that’s always asking questions and playing devil’s advocate,” she says. “It’s just the way I work. It’s my job to make good recommendations for my clients. And that doesn’t happen without planning.”

Lindsey decided to take on a new opportunity at RBMM. The business was growing, especially on the digital side. That meant Lindsey could keep doing what she loves—namely, a little bit of everything.

“Our business is constantly changing. The iPhone came out a month after I graduated from college. Apps were a totally new thing. I’ve learned how to strategize and create processes for designing things that simply didn’t exist a few months before.” And as the line between design and digital development gets blurrier, she’s excited to be able to find and create tools that “help our designers do smart work, regardless of the situation or technology.”

Today, “everything” for Lindsey includes (but isn’t limited to) user experience design, brand strategy, digital strategy, project management, and account management.

“Being a non-designer principal here is amazing,” says Lindsey, “and I think I’ve found a home. Designers are a different breed, and I love working with them. Everything they do is a blend of problem-solving and art. Since we’re a strategic design firm, everything we do serves a business objective. Getting to help define that strategy, then seeing how our team visually interprets and solves that is an incredible thing I get to experience every day.”

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