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Philip Smith

Phil loves the variety that comes with working in a project-based environment. “Nothing brings me more joy than working for a client in an industry where I’ve had no prior experience,” he says. “The more obscure and esoteric the better. In fact, I often feel like the only designer who prefers the research and discovery phase of a project.”

Phil would be “bored to tears” working on the same thing all the time. So, on any given day, his project list could include updating the identity for a local wealth management firm, rebranding a series of conferences for a group of healthcare consultants, creating marketing materials for a fish and wildlife fund, or developing the identity and packaging for a new product that promises to revolutionize orthodontics.

In every case, it’s the learning that gets Phil out of bed in the morning –  learning to tell simple, compelling visual stories. “Designing the details,” he says, “is just gravy.”

Other Studio Leaders

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