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A Few Questions With Brian Boyd on His 37th Anniversary at RBMM

June 1, 2015 – There must be something in the water. Brian Boyd, one of our design principals, started working for RBMM in 1978, and he never left. We decided to ask him a few questions on his special day.

What was your first day like?

I was excited and a little afraid. I was concerned that I didn’t belong, but was so proud that RBMM thought I should be here. And I knew that I would be working creatively with designers who were my heroes in college. It was pretty overwhelming.

Of what project are you most proud?

There are many – I just finished designing a 20th anniversary book for Big Thought, a nonprofit that is giving an artistic outlet to kids from troubled backgrounds. My wife, who has always been my strongest advocate and critic of my work, said this book is one of the best things I’ve ever designed. Another project that I am particularly proud of is an annual report for Chili’s restaurants I designed in the late eighties that Stan Richards thought was one of the best ideas he had ever seen for a report. The report format was an accordion fold that allowed the “Year in Review” text to be read in a single line across all the folded pages. Norman Brinker, CEO of Brinker International at that time, jokingly asked if I used drugs to come up with the concept. The CFO sent me a letter that I still have, praising the report design as an amazing piece. It was great to be part of that.

What advice would you give someone just starting out in the business?

Like anything else, to be one of the best in your profession, you must be willing to work hard and not get discouraged, which is not easy. You must find the passion to develop your talent. Honestly, I struggled for a time and wondered if I should do something else, but my passion for great design made me more determined to work even harder. In time, my designs began to win projects that helped me turn a corner and realize I could be the designer I wanted to be. I never questioned my abilities again.

(The photo below shows Brian, circa 1982, at RBMM’s original location.)