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All of the Icons – a PlainsCapital Bank Story

June 28, 2014 – When we were redesigning the website for PlainsCapital Bank, we knew that we didn’t want to use stock photography, like every other bank we looked at did. (How many times have you seen a young couple with a golden retriever smiling happily from the door of their new home?) Instead, we created a set of custom icons that mimic the PlainsCapital logo (which we also designed, many years prior). And when we say ”set,” we’re talking 84 icons.

We started by whiteboarding the icons to figure out the best way to represent each service, product, and promotion the bank offers. The icons then had to be divided among three designers to get them done, with each trying to mirror the level of detail on the PlainsCapital Bank buffalo. There were many rounds of revisions, and the icons ultimately had to be adjusted to normalize them all to the same level of detail.

Some concepts were tougher than others, such as “Learning to Bank Responsibly” and “Beginning Your Career” from the Life Stage Planning section of the site. These more abstract ideas required a lot more thought and trial and error. But the most difficult icon to draw was for “Real Estate Loans.” Multiple buildings with tons of tiny office windows had to fit within a 60x70px space. In the end, though, everyone on the design team and at the client are happy with the results.