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Pancreatic Cancer Action Network 2014 Annual Report Website

Each year the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network provides donors and other supporters with an online update on the impact that their dollars have had in improving the outlook for those facing one of the deadliest cancers.

Since the disease has a five-year survival rate of only 7 percent, and its incidence is on the rise, it’s more important than ever to communicate the visionary work the organization is undertaking to drive progress in order to inspire more people to join the cause.

This message has recently been articulated by RBMM through a new branding campaign for the organization and rallying cry for the cause called Wage Hope. Embodying the relentless yet embracing spirit of the organization, Wage Hope defines a cause that demands a relentless dedication to progress, but that also provides the promise of a brighter tomorrow for pancreatic cancer patients and their families.

We framed our story for the impact report this year around what the organization is doing to Wage Hope through four critical areas (research, advocacy, outreach, and patient services). We then brought to life key progress points from the last year within each of these areas through simple and engaging animated infographics.