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Auntie Anne’s Identity

Now the world’s largest soft pretzel franchise, Auntie Anne’s had an identity crisis when we engaged with them in 2004. Their brand, rooted in Amish country, was struggling to convince busy consumers in malls and airports to try their pretzels.

Our objective was to revitalize the brand and broaden the target and appeal of Auntie Anne’s, while developing a strong brand personality that used humor to engage people and turn them into pretzel lovers.

We created the corporate identity, in-store signage, employee uniforms, packaging designs, menu development, and event marketing.

After the campaign launch, we reached conviction with the franchisee community – nearly 20 percent of the stores requested store upgrades before they were mandated. Average same-store sales were up 13.5 percent after one of our major events, Free Pretzel Day, and email sign-ups increased almost 15 percent in one month. One year after the initial brand launch, overall brand awareness had increased from 42 percent to 52 percent. Same-store sales were up 5.2 percent YTD and people under 30 were craving Auntie Anne’s 25 percent more.