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Crested Butte Film Festival Identity

We were tasked with updating the identity for the Crested Butte Film Festival. The festival was just as tenured as its Aspen cousin, but was much less well known, partly because the visual identity had never been given the proper attention to help give it a more enduring presence in the film festival landscape.

Strategically, we knew that the Aspen Film Festival was the “Colorado” film festival, so we knew we needed to capitalize on Crested Butte itself, not the state.

Our solution was simple and interactive. The identity combined the iconic shape of the butte itself (the iconic mountain overlooking the town) and a film frame to create a uniquely shaped window. The result is an interactive logo: the “window” can be placed over almost any background image, retaining its appearance but working as an ever-changing window for imagery, mirroring film itself.