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FlexJet Baja Adventure Promotion

Every year, Flexjet offers a special-edition jet card for its fractional ownership program in which a once-in-a-lifetime trip is offered to those who sign up. This trip includes travel to a desirable location and often exclusive access to experiences and amenities not attainable by individual travelers. The trip this year took clients to the Baja California peninsula in Mexico.

We developed a high-end, printed direct mail piece that touted the benefits of the Flexjet 25 jet card program, while teasing the activities they would be able to experience if they signed up for this exclusive offer. Since our audience often had “gatekeepers” that controlled what mail they saw, it was extremely important to give the envelope a tactile and visually arresting quality to ensure that it stood out from the rest of the mail.

In addition to the direct mail piece promoting the experience, we also developed the itinerary for those who purchased the jet card. This was developed as a leather-bound keepsake journal that allowed the user to record their experiences from the trip.


Dallas Society of Visual Communications Silver Medal

Communication Arts Design Annual

Graphis Design Annual