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G6 Corporate Office Timeline

G6 Hospitality, the parent company of Motel 6 and Studio 6, came to RBMM looking for a way to communicate their brand story in a compelling way within their new corporate office. Included in the new space is a showroom populated with furnishings and details that replicate the latest Motel 6 room and lobby design. The showroom serves as an end point to tours given to potential franchise partners by corporate employees.

It was decided to utilize the walls leading to the showroom as a canvas for a timeline that expresses key moments within the brand’s history. This would give employees a visual reference to the brand story they would communicate to guests as they walked them from the lobby to the showroom space on the other side of the building.

An orange stripe, applied across the entire length of each wall leading to the showroom, would serve as a canvas for key dates, milestones and visuals. Also, to inject some of the homespun humor that the brand is known for, fun facts were sprinkled along the bottom of the timeline that related to cultural developments during the brand’s 55-year history.