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Studer Group Illustrations

Studer Group works with healthcare organizations to help them achieve and sustain exceptional improvement in clinical outcomes and financial results. By installing an execution framework called Evidence-Based Leadership, organizations are able to align goals, actions, and processes, and execute quickly. This key differentiator for Studer Group has led to a term with which several of their clients lovingly describe the transformation they’ve achieved through working with Studer Group – they have been “Studerized.”

We took this idea of Studer Group transforming an organization from the inside out and applied it through a new visual articulation and messaging strategy for the brand. Using a key component from the Studer Group logo, an upward pointing arrow, we built an image library of client and Studer Group team member portraits. These images were then paired with testimonial statements for advertising and marketing purposes, giving the brand a unique look that rose above the stock photography and trite statements defining the competitive landscape.