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Taco Cabana Packaging

Fast-casual Mexican grill Taco Cabana’s packaging was looking a little dated. Teal palm trees, pink maracas, and yellow guitars seemed like something that should be on the cover of an ’80s latin music compilation album.

On top of that, Taco Cabana was trying to change their brand image by using fresher and better ingredients, and making more of their staples by hand for a more authentic experience.

We redesigned their takeout packaging, keeping several goals in mind. We wanted the design to be simple, to reflect the ingredients strategy. We wanted it to feel handmade, so we created handmade letterpress textures. We didn’t want to walk away from the color palette (teal and pink) as there was some brand equity there, but wanted to use it in a new and fresh way. Lastly, our design was less expensive to produce, which makes every client happy.